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Project Management Certifications

Posted by Ankush on February 17, 2011

So..this is how it started..I thought to get some knowledge to learn what are the different IT project management certifications available. When I searched about them over the web,I find a list which gets bigger and bigger …but none of the site provides a comparison between them and most importantly for me nobody answered the questions like what/why.

I started thinking about ITIL and then PMP,Scrum Master, Prince2 etc..but I would really love to see which one is a better fit in which situation. When I started looking out for this information, I couldn’t find anything.

So, I thought why not ask this question to the management community and see what they have to say..

Please suggest which one you think is better (or best) and why??


5 Responses to “Project Management Certifications”

  1. Ankush said

    Got the following reply on my email id..posting it here

    Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 18:55:06 +0000
    From: groups-remail@linkedin.com
    To: ankush.bhatia@live.com
    Subject: New comment on “which project management certification is better and why (ITIL, PMP, Scrum).”

    LinkedIn Groups
    Group: Scrum Practitioners
    Discussion: which project management certification is better and why (ITIL, PMP, Scrum).

    I would have to say that the PMP is first and foremost project management certification to obtain for at least two reasons. First, the PMP requires having 3-5 years of experience. That adds value to the credential alongwith having to pass a rigorous, 4-hour exam. Second, the PMP is the most recognized and most demanding project management certification around the world. Just check out the high number of job requirements these days to see the requirement of a PMP certification.

    From there, it all depends on what you need. You can get a scrum master certification (either PSM or CSM) without having experience. The same goes for the basic ITIL. You just need to learn some basic academic information on the subjects (e.g. just read a book or two). So, what is your need; what kind of projects will you be working on? The answer should guide you.

    Hope this helps.


    Posted by Michael McCurdy

  2. Ankush said

    Got another reply

    LinkedIn Groups
    Group: Scrum Practitioners
    Discussion: which project management certification is better and why (ITIL, PMP, Scrum).
    As Bob suggested, Scrum is intended for a particular domain: areas with high uncertainty (such as new product development) where traditional defined processes break down. If you are intrinsically interested in this domain it’s worth learning about Scrum. If not, you will never be very good at it, and no amount of certification will help.

    The first level of Scrum certification from the ScrumAlliance, the CSM, does not imply any proficiency whatsoever. Only a few ScrumAlliance trainers (I’m one of them) deny certification to participants who can’t demonstrate Scrum knowledge on a test. The ScrumAlliance is currently working on correcting that situation. The best reason to take a CSM class is to learn about Scrum, so choose a good trainer.

    The next level, CSP, requires a claim of a year ‘s experience, and may carry a little more weight.


  3. Ankush said

    one more
    LinkedIn Groups
    Group: Scrum Practitioners
    Discussion: which project management certification is better and why (ITIL, PMP, Scrum).
    I have a PMP and I agree that it is the one that holds the most weight due to the prerequisites. That said, I believe that Six Sigma vs ITIL, vs SCRUM depends on where you are oriented by personality and work environment. If you are working in a business environment then go for Six Sigma, if you work in an IT environment, then go for ITIL, and if you work in development, then SCRUM should be where you might go to. Personally, I am looking at ITIL and SCRUM in either order to bolster my credentials and marketability.

    Posted by Bob Vandenberg

  4. geoge said

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  5. hi all
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    i just want to say choos that certification which looks good for your future

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