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.NET Reflector is not free anymore

Posted by Ankush on February 21, 2011

It is really sad when I heard that .NET reflector tool is not free anymore. RedGate company has announced that they will charge 35$ for a “perpetual license”. So, it’s not free. Anyway it’s worth to purchase a license of this beautiful software which has really helped but in case if you are looking for some free “Open Source”, then have a look:

  1. ILSpy , an open-source .NET Assembly browser and decompiler.
  2. Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI)
  3. Mono Cecil
  4. Kaliro
  5. Dotnet IL Editor (DILE)
  6. Monoflector
  7. http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/download/index.html
  8. http://blogs.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2011/02/resharper-6-bundles-decompiler-free-standalone-tool-to-follow/

Let us know if you have seen/used any tool instead of .net reflector and It is as good as .NET reflector is.


One Response to “.NET Reflector is not free anymore”

  1. Tudo Bem? interessante esta página parece muito organizado………bom estilo:)
    Amei faz mais posts assim !!

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