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Have you ever thought of inserting an HTML page into Word directly?

Posted by Ankush on July 11, 2017

Well, it is very easy.

Simply call ActiveDocument.Range.InsertFile “test.htm”, , , True

Here is the source code for test.htm

This is the image
<img width=625 height=500 src=”image002.jpg”>

But here comes the interesting part. Let’s say you have some images referenced in the HTML page and you insert this HTML page into Word document. Now just delete (rename) the image referenced in the HTML page and open the Word document, you don’t see the images in the document anymore..WHY???

Because they are linked. So to unlink them

Sub test()
ActiveDocument.Range.InsertFile ” test.htm “, , , True
End Sub

This code works fine in Word 2003 but doesn’t work in Word 2007 for some reason. To make this to work, you need to call an extra save. Here is an updated code

Sub test()
ActiveDocument.Range.InsertFile “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\a.htm”, , , True
End Sub

Hope this helps!!!!


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